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When Fine Ladies Ride Nice Bikes…

January 16, 2014 Comments (0) Adventure, Bicycles, Blog Posts, Reviews

Five Characteristics of a Commuter Bicycle

The Commuter bike is a dependable and comfortable machine designed to get you from one point to another.
1. SIMPLE>>>> Keep it simple as possible. Be discreet. No need to attract attention to your bike. Low Key is the key.
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2. No quick release components. When you lock the bike outside, the wheelset and seatpost should also be locked. (Ze Thief knows how to easily remove your seatpost and front wheel? Bye-bye.)
3. De-badged or repainted. Even if it is a commuter bike, enthusiasts and bike jedis would know the worth of your ride.
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4. Tough. It should handle the stress of the commute. Indestructible yet well protected. The rubber handlebar ends are a lot of fun.
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5. Good Tires. Riding in the Metro, you’d encounter a lot of junk and gunk. Be careful not to be punctured with those little nails. One must run good dependable tires.
Remember: Whatever you ride to commute, it always beats having no ride at all!
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