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February 17, 2013 Comments (2) Bicycles, Blog Posts, Slider

Fat like a Pig

I want Fat Tires!
This concept bike took quite a while for I had to scout for the parts and a lot of planning occurred. Jhon and Jhon Farms Inc. commissioned Valleybikes to create a fine low rider city cruiser.
Aniban's bike (14)
Businessman Chito Aniban wanted the bike in deep red, like a good wine.
The bike rides well, good enough to bring when going to the clubhouse to chill. You will get a lot of dumb struck amazement when they see the fat tires you are rolling at the rear.
Aniban's bike (16)
Flash the Lightning McQueen “Ka-chows” with the red rotors for your stopping department up front. The arm tension is lessened when riding this, complimentary of the adjustable front suspension.

Aniban's bike (22)

The cockpit has an easy dry-your-kili-kili stance and it isn’t too hard to ride once you get the hang of the odd stance. Steering is not an issue anymore, due to the slick 26×1.75 IRC Tires in front. You just have to bank this cruiser in a different manner, and you will turn.
Aniban's bike (21)
Aniban's bike (17)
Aniban's bike (18)
Aniban's bike (7)

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  1. phatbike says:

    Hi! Whats d brsnd of d bike uve used on this one? (fst like pig bike) tnx

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