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January 29, 2013 Comments (0) Bicycles, Blog Posts

Epic BMX

Valleybikes was commissioned to create an Epic BMX– a dirt jumper which can do anything. It should be black with a dash of red.

Epic BMX (7)

The inner child in me was ignited and memories of my first ever BMX came back. I remember that I saved up my allowance in order to upgrade my “PK Ripper” to the choice parts that I longed for that were displayed in the local bike shop. I even bought back issues of BMX Plus! so that I was updated on the latest BMX news. There was no internet back then so we biker boys had to drool on the pictures of the magazine. I longed for the Odyssey rotor brakes so that my cables could go through the headset and the bar could spin without tangling my brake cables. I finally had the money to buy the rotor brakes but I never got to learn how to do the freestyle trick. It was during these early years in high school that I learned how to build a mighty fine bike. I am proud to say that I built my PK Ripper to be quite a looker back then. It was the ultimate poser BMX, for I sure had the machine for the pros, but I was just an average biker.
This 20 inch bicycle motocross (BMX) is for the son of a good friend of mine and the order was simply to create an epic bicycle. The dad wanted only the best for his kid and I am sure that Valleybikes has delivered the ultimate BMX. The kid will have one hell of a birthday when he sees his gift. Everyone in the neighborhood will drool over the sexy black body of the Haro three hundred. The crmo top tube and down tube make the bike a sturdy toy which can take all the abuse a rider can put it to. The Tektro brakes could stop the bike no matter what. What’s beautiful about the bike is that it is built for freestyle so there shall be no more tangling, no more upgrades needed. You can give this bike to a professional rider and let him abuse it; this black beauty can stand the rigors of all the jumps, tricks and what-have-you. It comes with foot pegs front and back, so it is ready for the cherry picker or any trick you throw at it. Everything else is fabulous; from the three piece crmo cranks with sealed bottom brackets, Alienation rims, to the La Mesa 20 x 2.4 tires in front and 2.0 at the rear. Pedaling is not a problem with the 25 by 9 gearing ratio. The touch of red was customized with the Haro stem and seat clamp. The ambigram decal of Valleybikes also provide some lucky Fung shui red on the fork.
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This is a BMX build that the crew really enjoyed doing. Here is old school mashed up with new school techniques. The complexity of the old school 20 incher is now the simple new school bicycle. This is EPIC.
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