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Enjoying The Trails During Summer

Summer is around the corner and the chill season is fading away. Gone are the cold days and nights as we are transitioning to the “oven” days here in the Philippines. The riding conditions are perfect for the rain hasn’t visited the single track, thus it is quite compact and fun to ride. It is so dry that you’d probably eat dust if you were following a fellow biker. You would have to overtake him and joke, “Eat MY Dust!”

Advantages of having a dry trail:
1. The dirt is compact and very friendly. No more excuses of having your wheel slip due to uncooperative tires. It is just you and your legs working it on those almost vertical punishing climbs.
2. One can practice all the technical riding. Enter those berms with ease and climb those hairpins with no issues nor excuses.
3. No moss. That means you can go down really fast on rock gardens like Patiis DH.

BULACAN BOYS- Represent!
I rode with a group of young men from Pulilan, Bulacan. They rode all the way from their hometown AND then climbed the Wall. They had bike trouble along the way so they were kinda late for the meet-up. Thus, they quickened the pace so as not to let me wait for a long time. When they reached the wall, they attacked the ascent with steady precision and proved that they eat climbs for breakfast. Even if they were unfamiliar with the Timberland trails, they showed no signs of giving up. I led them inside blue zone and went around the green zone twice. The stamina and strength of the early twenty’s is truly noteworthy. What they lacked in technical skill, they compensated in endurance. So just imagine if these boys trained 4 times a week for an event, they’d bag a podium finish.

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Overheard along the back roads: “The investment I made doubled on the first year alone…”
My close friend said that biking is the new golf. The sport initially requires you to invest on a set of clubs. Biking requires you to own a decent ride. If a group of golfers get together, they talk about golf, their clubs, some business and girls. With bikers, they chitchat about biking, their bikes and girls. Both sport gets a lot of sun. You also get the socks line if you play golf and ride the bike.
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Yet, I may be wrong. It may NOT be the new golf but MountainBiking sure is popular now. Going to the local trail is like going to the mall. Everybody is there. You can’t ride in peace now. There will always be a$$h&%)! who’s going against the flow of the trail. Ahhh, God Bless them… for they know not what they do…

Happy Trail Riding, gang!


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    Got any recommendation on “beginner” courses for new MTB mashers?