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December 13, 2019 Comments (0) Blog Posts

End of Decade of the Teens- 2019

The bike industry saw a number of changes this past decade. The bikers cannot stop it for it was the market that dictated that we should go 10 speed, 11 speed and now 12 speed. The wheel diameter for the Mountain bike also evolved from 26 inches to 29 inches then to 27.5 inches. Tire fatness saw its share of change due to the constant movement of the bike industry so that the consumers continually spend and buy goods which the bike industry leaders feed the market. A lot of development and research were also poured into the Electric bike category, getting the brands to join the band wagon and slapped an electric motor into the otherwise conventional bicycle.

Let’s just call it CHANGE. We cannot avoid it, we cannot deny it, so let us just embrace and cuddle with it.

For the cycling purists, yes, we can still uphold the classics, but we should also morph and go with the wave of transformation. If not, we shall be dinosaurs in this constantly evolving landscape of bikes.

Let us attend bike gatherings, let us stay friends with the bike brands, let us ride with others on critical mass rides… besides, isn’t cycling all about having fun?

Here’s to a better 2020!

Stay tuned for a better—> More videos, more articles, more reviews, more trails, more bikes and more AWESOME!

Sharing with you some pictures of 2019— From the 20th Tour of the Fireflies to the Phil Bike Demo 2019. This was how we partied last decade…

20th Tour of the Fireflies 2019

20th Tour of the Fireflies 2019
pod racer cum bicycle
riding past the big red ball outside ESPN5
bike event: must wear formal
sagad sa hagad= our traffic enforcers during the Sunday ride

Phil Bike Demo Weekend

what’s a demo weekend without pretty girls?
Shimano is key.
Go for Gold team rider, EJ Flores
EJ with wife Gica
Friends from FOX

Muchas gracias to all our friends and supporters! Thank you!!

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