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Dream Ride 2 by Mike Hopkins

We all have our dream ride on our mountain bike. Once we have ridden in that place we only long about, we search again for a new place to explore. It is a never ending quest to ride the best spots, the most awesome scenery, and the most manicured trails.

Please enjoy this video directed by Mike Hopkins, sponsored by Diamond Back.


Awesome video shot around the world. Did you see that ice slide? Thank God for the internet, we get to see and somehow “feel” the rush these guys go through when the conditions are extreme. The Ice lake balancing act is something new also so I am posting this video as a big praise to Mike and his team of producers.

Good job, guys!

Clap clap clap!!!

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Mike Hopkins is a freespirit adventurer. He is a professional mountain biker and free skier. For more of Mike’s adventures, click here: Mike Hopkins