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Downhill Race For An Injured Bike Brother

There is a Fun Downhill Race at the Patiis Downhill Track for an injured bike brother on June 18, 2017. (Downhill Race For An Injured Bike Brother— Patiis Fun Race on June 18)

Ginox is a true blue Patiis Downhiller. He has balls of steel/aluminum/Titanium (not sure, but he’s got balls) and going down fast is not an issue for him.

I knew him from way back because we lived in the same street, worked at the same network and liked the same boy’s stuff. He likes rock, tats, sneakers and cool stuff. We rode Mt. Ugo together and that experience alone made us bond like brothers.

Ugo hits











He recently got injured when his brakes suddenly did not function. He crashed and broke his leg. He is a videographer for television so this accident means he can not work for 6 months. Thus the boys of Patiis organized a fun downhill race for him. So come one and come all, join the race on June 18. All for fun. All good. All for Ginox. See you guys at Patiis!