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December 7, 2012 Comments (2) Blog Posts, Wazat?!

Doctor Needle cum Biker

What’s the difference between Eastern Medicine and Western Medicine?
In the words of Doctor JC Aniban, MD: In western medicine, the doctor narrows in on the cause, looking for the root of the problem. For eastern medicine, the doctor looks at the big picture and finds cure in the whole being of the person.
Coming from a guy who studied both Western and Eastern Medicine, I believe in this doctor’s analysis and interpretation of all things related to health. His eclectic understanding of the marriage of both fields has led to his profession now: Doctor, Acupuncturist and Ventosa Master.

From Alternative Medicine to Alternative Transportation
After graduating from UP PGH, Doc wanted to study alternative medicine in China. When Dr. Jake was studying in China, he was exposed to a different kind of culture. Kung fu, Taichi, chopsticks and bicycles became part of his environment. He got a folding bike in China so he could get around town, go to class and eat. Everybody in China is into bicycles, thus their fit and healthy lifestyle.
So when he arrived back here in the P.I., he got so stressed with our slow moving traffic that he developed perianal abscess. He doesn’t like being stuck in traffic for it’s a waste of time and gasoline. He wanted to pedal to work, but his folding bike just couldn’t answer his need. He borrowed his Dad’s Minerva comfort bike and made it road worthy. The bike satisfied him for his traffic problems were solved, he doesn’t get agitated anymore when there’s a traffic build up. The grin on his face radiates whenever he glides through congested intersections.
After two months, he got himself a road bike from the internet. He opted for a second hand road bike because he doesn’t want to splurge on something very expensive, yet. He found a good deal with a student who is selling his road bike in order to finance his camping expeditions. He bought the Schwinn Le tour for a really good price (plus it helped the student). The stance and geometry changed, from riding a comfort bike to a road bike with drop bars, but he’s really loving the road bike.

A lot of people say it is dangerous,and the pollution exposure is hazardous to your health,  but if you weigh all that versus the benefits to yourself, to the Earth and society in general, riding bikes makes much more sense.”
I admire this guy for his view on the world, plus his whole positivity. I wish more people would be like him; forward thinkers who do more good than harm. He shared to me a story when his parents asked him why does he bike. He simply quoted Ghandi to answer them:
“Be the Change you wish to see in the world.”

2 Responses to Doctor Needle cum Biker

  1. Good evening from Japan
    I am a German, practicing acupuncture in Japan for about 30 years. I also LOVE bicycling (doing it now for about 45 years). When I gained a LOT of weight after a bicycle accident requiring two surgeries, I used bicycling to reduce my weight from +100 kg to 79 kg. Unfortunately, later I had another accident preventing me from riding, and a trip to Europe for 1 month brought me back to close to 85 kg.
    Yet, if I have the time, I ride about 50 km during lunch break, possibly 8-10,000 km per year …
    I can only recommend bicycling. It is also a lot easier on the knees. For me at 85 kg jogging would destroy my knees rather quickly.
    I wrote about this on one of my blogs and
    Keep up the good work.
    “Be the Change you wish to see in the world.”
    THAT is very good too!
    Greetings from Japan

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