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March 4, 2014 Comments (0) Adventure, Bicycles, Bike Trials, Blog Posts

Dirt Jump by the Riverbanks

DirtJump is defined as jumping over a mound of dirt to catch air. Whatever bike you have: a 26″ hardtail, BMX-20s or anything more hardcore… if you’ve got the balls, you jump.
It is a subculture for the tough and brave. These bikers are the the real hardcore cyclists. There are lots of sub groups for Mountain Biking but I believe this group needs its own category.
Rewind to the days of Radical Rick and BMX Plus, I’ve been a long time fan of this riding discipline. Get high with those jumps!
Jumping developed into fourcross, then mutated into Downhill biking which evolved into Enduro.
I saw a friend who informed me about a race in Riverbanks. Sunday, 9am. I got excited and pedaled my way to Riverbanks. There was a gathering of jumpboys playing by the river side of Provident Village. It was a fun gathering of bikers, all happy and real hardcore.
The well spec’d jump bike preferably has a bullet proof slacked hard tail frame. The seat tube length must be low so that the saddle won’t hit your bum when flickin the back. Dependable fork, indestructible parts and components must be able to withstand the crash and abuse the rider gives the machine.
Paolo Ordono shows us how a jump bike should be. The Santa Cruz Jackal frame says it all. This bike means business.
watda. “What da?!”
For better appreciation, here is a short video on getting high:

Dirt Jump by the Riverbanks

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