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Bike Art at Mang Rudy's

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Day of the Biker- 4th Araw ng Siklista

The Araw ng Siklista Experience 2013.
Last year, an experienced bike mechanic invited me to join the Cycad event, Araw ng Siklista. It was a town to town Metro ride around our capital city. I did not attend the event last year so when I stumbled upon the same event this year, (on its 4th year) I wanted to be a part of it.
Cycad Pilipinas are cycling advocates based in Quezon City. They are the jedi masters in the bicycle world. Their stories reach far and wide when they start telling you their “padyak adventures”.
Circle TP BOTC2012 (11)
Cycad 4th araw ng siklista
Assembly was at Makati City Hall at 7am. People from Quezon City, met up at McDo Katipunan at 5am. My childhood friend/neighbor and I ordered breakfast but we weren’t done yet with our food when the bikers started leaving Mcdo. We jammed the food in our mouths and quickly drank our juice and pedaled off to Makati.
It was a relatively moderate pace going to Makati, so we arrived at the City Hall early, with still plenty of time to take pictures and get to see the other biker groups participating in the Araw ng Siklista.
It was a totally rock n roll event, far from the usual “critical mass ride” of the Firefly Brigade. There were no bullshit, no sponsors, and no pressure. It was simply a meet up and ride of different cyclists who wanted to ride the Metro. There was a police escort trafficking our pack, so we pedaled non-stop. It was such an honorable feeling to ride with the old school bikers from around the metro.
Experience, skill, endurance and bike camaraderie were felt during the intercity cruise. The pack was tight and it never got too loose. If the lead bikers were accelerating, everybody sped up. If the pacers slowed down, everybody relaxed and chatted with the fellow biker.
All I can say is that this event is only for the hardcore. This ain’t for wimps or noobies or posers. It was a parade of riders who wanted to have a voice; bikers who simply want to be heard and noticed. “More bike lanes in the Philippines!” “Pedal for a greener Earth” and all that environmental slogans.
Well, we got on the saddle, we had a nice time, thus the ride was a success.
Cycad artwork
Go old school and just ride.

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