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There are numerous ways to wear a cycling cap.

blue trail jan6 2013 (8)

Visor down- to protect you from the harsh sunlight

Visor up- ‘coz its trendy like that…

Keempee VCC (2)

Visor at the nape- for aerodynamics

cap (2)

Cyclists wear these caps to represent their favorite brand or sponsor. It’s also a great sweat stopper (from your forehead waterfalls). Fixie riders wear it as a fashion statement. It has a sleek design and easy to dry material . The cap also doubles as a fabulous helmet cushion.

The Valleybikes Cycling Cap (VCC). bow.

Eula C wearing the VCC



Eula Caballero (@oheulacaballero) and Keempee de Leon rockin’ the VCC!


 Valeen with balance

Valeen (@Valeentawak) strikes a pose with the VCC.

Ryan goes Hero
Talentadong Ryan sportin’ the VCC with balance.