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June 1, 2013 Comments (0) Blog Posts, Reviews

Cool Shades, man.

Bike specific shades are hard to come by, so when a shades company specifically make eye wear for biking, expect Valleybikes to try it out. Spyder gave us some test products to try out so now I shall blog about their shades called Helix.
The gun metal gray plastic frame is decent, yet bad ass enough to wear even if you are not riding. The lens are wide so that there would be no obstruction for your peripheral vision. Some shades limit the side view of your eyes due to the frame, but the Helix’s frame is big enough so as to answer that problem. There are even vents at both sides of the frame so the rider can go aerodynamically fast. At first, I had some issues with the nose piece for it rests on my bridge awkwardly. I tried to adjust the rubber nose piece accordingly (to the shape of my nose) and now the shades fit perfectly.
The shades even come with a pouch (which you can use to clean the lens) plus a zipped hard case. It is at par with the popular eye wear companies, we just have to support it and make it bigger. Spyder continues to sponsor local Downhill races and their presence in the biking community has always been felt.
I used the shades in my last trip down south. I almost lost it twice, but it kept coming back to me like a trained puppy. I grew fond of my Spyders and now I wish I had more. I like my Spyder Helix because it is my first gray shades. It looks good, the lens are nice, and it works!
Uriah on Spyder
Shout out to Uriah for modeling the Spyder Helix. Word!!!

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