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Commuter Computer in the Valley

commuter computer in the valley

In the valley where I live, it’s all downhill when going home.
When you are off to work, it’s a climb to be on top.
you can sabit the jeep if you want the express tren. (just make sure the exhaust is on the other side, my friend)
Free uphill ride.until the other side.
But going home is a breeze for there is no pedalling in the highway. All downhill baby!

But The downhill a while ago was no joke, the rain added to the challenge of everything. Dark, intense rain increased the difficulty level of the whole stage. Urban DH, plus all the factors of braking and enemy jeeps swerving left and right, that is one Extreme urban ride.

Just always wear your helmet. and take a bath after the rain. That is the key to success.

Juliet the commuter bike