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Choosing the Optimal Bicycle

Choosing the Optimal Bicycle
Summer time once again, and it is the season of biking! The bike shops are booming once again for people are clamoring to buy bikes or fix their old bikes so they can have outdoor fun with their bikes. Nevermind that its uber hot, just always remember to hydrate and drink lots of liquid.

For the people who are getting a new bike, now is the peak of getting your BIKE ON! We shall guide you on CHOOSING THE OPTIMAL BICYCLE for you.

It is quite a task for it is different for each person. Each has his preference. Thus I shall just compare some of the bikes in the market with stereotype women. Maybe this can help the people who can not decide what kind of bike they should rock.

1. Sleeper, Plain Jane

choosing the optimal bicycle
She rocks your world. She is simple enough not to stand out in a crowd, yet she will be with you #forever. In tune with the times, she never fails to give a smile on your face. She is dependable, loyal, and trustworthy. She can go the extra mile and very minimal maintenance. Always there for you even if you have new “rides”. The details in her make you feel fulfilled and content.

2. Supple Breasts with phat butt—head turner Liza

choose your bike

People throw whistles at your gal due to her hard-not-to-look-at-bosom. Its there and its big. Her curvaceous figure gets the glances and leers from all. The provocative lines and belly button reveal is a staple for your girl and she is just aching to be noticed. Even if you keep her low pro, pigs still drool at those thick juicy “things”.

3. The sleek and Racy Stacey


Built fast and nimble. She will blow your mind away with adventures far and wide. You can spend lazy afternoons with her and still keep you interested. She is like a hurricane, strong and determined. Light enough for those uncalled for moments, she will keep you grinning until you fall asleep. If you want it fast and long, she is the one.

4. Ultimate hottie Sonja


Too much to handle. If you can’t handle her perfect 36DD and rock hard ass, you are not worthy. Her piercings give her away as a slayer in bed and she will eat you alive. You cannot seduce her and just go off like that, you would have to satisfy her desires until kingdom come. If you are not well versed with the Kama Sutra, you are nothing. Learn the ways of the tantric so you can get away unscathed.

5. Pron star Ava


She is beyond your wildest imagination. She fulfills all your dirtiest fantasies plus more. There is no dull moment with this nubile chick. Threeway, back door, swapping, ATM, role playing, name it, she’s done it. Nothing ever surprises her anymore for she has seen it all. Big is the name of the game and size really matters to her. She wants it long, hard and fast.

Still haven’t decided what you want?
Go attend the Phil Bike Demo 2016 Dirt edition at the Heroes Trail on Sunday, March 13, 2016. It is from 6am to 6pm. Check out the bike demos there. You can try out the bikes they are marketing and decide which one is the best for you and your “riding desires”.
bicycle demo

Bike Demo Philippines

More information on the event:

“Online Pre-Reg is up! Proceed to the link –

1st Philippine Bicycle Demo Day!

Bike Demo – Cyclocross / XC / Trail / Enduro
Bike Clinic/Talk – How Tos / Ride Technique / Discipline / Trail Ethics

Email us at

Date: March 13, 2016 (Sunday)
Time: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Venue: Heroes Bike Trail, Bayani Road, Taguig, Metro Manila

Pre-Registration – Cut-off Date: March 10, 2016 (Thursday)

Pre-reg Entrance Fee:
Php 100 without the tshirt
Php 250 with souvenir shirt

Onsite Entrance Fee:
Php 150 without the tshirt

NOTE: Ordered shirt size CANNOT be changed since these are all pre-ordered, so please check size chart.

Includes: bike demo use / bike clinic / freebie / bike talk / first aid / raffle prizes


NOTE: During the event, we require riders to submit 2 valid AND unexpired government-issued photo ID ..OR 1 current Government-issued photo ID + 1 current credit card in the name of the rider. These items will be retained by the demo staff during the ride and returned to the rider at the end of each bike ride.

Trail Use: Heroes Trail will be exclusively for Demo bike units and for bike clinics only.

Demo Rider: Bikers are required to bring their own helmet / shoes / safety gears / Water Bottle / IDs / & pedals if you want to be clipped in. (only platform pedals will be provided)

No Helmet, No Ride


Terms and conditions:
– Demo bikes and accessories are to be used within the designated demo areas only and can not be taken outside the Heroes Bike Trail perimeters.

– Demo bikes and accessories are to be used for a maximum of 1 lap of the mtb trail or a maximum of 30mins.

– The rider is fully responsible for their actions whilst using the demo bike, clothing & accessories. Organizer do not accept responsibility for the actions of the participant nor the consequences of such actions.

– Each rider is responsible for providing their own insurance protection while using a demo bike. Any accident or injury caused by the rider’s actions will be the full responsibility of said rider.

– Each participant will be fully responsible for any fees or costs incurred or arising from an accident either involving or caused by the rider.

– Each rider, upon signing registering to the demo event, agrees that they are physically and mentally capable of riding the demo bike.

– The rider agrees to return the bike and accessories to the demo staff. Failure to return the products will result in Exhibitors recovering the full retail value of the item and legal fees from the rider.

– The rider is responsible for any negligent damage caused to the bike, components &/or accessories. The cost of any damage caused (over and above standard wear and tear) will be recovered from the rider.”

If you are going, this is where you should park your bike or car:
Choosing the Optimal Bicycle- Bike Demo Philippines