December 21, 2012 Comments Blog Posts, Wazat?!

Childhood Playground

This used to be my playground.









Let me borrow the words from Madonna because this really used to be my playground.










Childhood laughter, fun and triumphs all transpired here. To visit it, such a joy. Floodgates of memories open, showering me with happy thoughts.











I played in those monkey bars. I climbed that hill. I played tag in those fields. I caught grasshoppers on that grass.











Ahh, sweet innocence, can we ever bring you back?

When I was in highschool, I remembered going to school riding my bike on fieldtrip day. A neighbor of mine hitched a ride with me, riding at the stepnut of my BMX. We were late, then we saw the bus pulling out of the driveway leaving us. I pedaled like crazy, hoping to catch the bus. My friend was waving at the driver to wait for us. Luckily, the bus pulled over and we were able to reach it. I jammed my bike inside the bus and sighed a breath of relief. That was such a rush. 

So visiting these grounds again, a smile comes across my face, reminiscing the past. I thank God, He has preserved my childhood playground.  Visit the past, learn from your mistakes and look into the future.