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Carbon Fiber Light

carbon fiber
A lot of purists and naysayers say that Carbon Fiber bikes will eventually die down. It is just a phase, crazy scientists and molders will not perfect the carbon fiber bicycle. Steel is real, titanium and CroMo is the way to go, others say. But didn’t they laugh at the people who said that the world is round? The world is different now. Communication and ideas are much easier to share now. We stand on the shoulder of giants and we learn from others. We do things better now. Somewhere in the world, they are doing it, so why can’t we? We just have to follow the proper Scientific Method. Research. Research. Research.


Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer is supposed to be five times stronger than ordinary steel, yet there have been reports of crack on racing bicycles. Those cracks may have been results of collision or over torque of the components. So, if you are to buy a pure carbon fiber bike, make sure you do not over torque the parts, AND be very careful not to hit the bike with anything.
Also, on that note, I believe the quality and production of the actual carbon fiber that people use for race bikes will eventually improve and the cost will also drop. Right now, it is very expensive to produce molds and the R and D for Carbon Fiber is quite limited. But once the big companies start investing and producing those Carbon Fiber bicycles, I am sure, these babies will flood the market.

Then, these vintage models of Carbon Bicycles will be rare and people will be bidding for the lightest bicycle in the world circa 2013.
FYI: This Carbon Fiber Light bike tickles the scale at 2.7 kilograms or 5.95 pounds.
Now, if you had a bike this light, would it assure you of a podium finish??? Hmmmm…

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