July 1, 2015 Comments Bike Trials

Camp Aguinaldo Mountain Bike Trail 2015

To scratch your bike itch, the Camp Aguinaldo Mountain Bike Trail is the perfect remedy.
Valleybikes made a review on the Camp Aguinaldo bike trail two years ago when the area was just in the old junkyard for old military vehicles. The biker soldiers have revamped the whole course and made it longer. The single track trail is now roughly 7 kilometers of fun.
General Atmosphere
There are plants around and the trail is muddy if it rains. But when it is sunny, the ground is cracked and hot. The bike gods were kind enough to give us an overcast weather when we rode. There were a few rainshowers here and there, but not fully dropping it like a rain. It was a little humid, but when the sky finally cracked open and cried, it was a nice bike temperature.
The gloom and eeriness of the military base were perfect backdrops for the bike trail. I like the creativity they put into maximizing the container vans. If you had a spare hour and you want to awaken those sleeping muscles, the Camp Aguinaldo bike trail is the perfect solution.

P50 pesos is not bad. It is tax for the people who clean and maintain the fun, playground. If you plan to visit the bike trail inside Camp Aguinaldo, just follow the map. Best gate to go in is Gate 1 in Boni Serano. You have to leave your driver’s license if you are riding your car, or just a valid ID if you are biking.
There were little uphill challenges and you can just coast along on the other berms and turns if you plan to ride it smoothly. If you want to be fast, you can grind it and give it all you’ve got, if that is your way to release that pent up energy.
Bottom line, you’ll still feel that satisfaction of having a glorious ride after a session. Thank God there is a trail like this within the city. The Camp Commander Trail is a good answer for those afternoon bike sesh. Want to clock in a quickie trail ride? This is the perfect trail to hit.