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December 28, 2012 Comments (1) Adventure, Bike Trials, Blog Posts

Camp Aguinaldo Bike Adventure Zone- revisited during the cold season

It’s been a while since we last visited the Camp Aguinaldo Bike Adventure zone. It is quite different when you ride the single-track-technical-trail during December. Unlike the summer season, the overgrowth and greenery are more pronounced during this time of the season. There were even muddy, and sometimes mossy areas due to the occasional rain.
We started our ride with an overcast morning; thick clouds covered the sun and the early morn mist gives a certain chill to the over-all vibe of the weather. The group entered Gate 6 of Camp Aguinaldo to surrender a valid I.D. to the Military Police. After paying 50Php to the Sergeant guarding the Bike Adventure Zone, we were off!
We agreed to read the trail first on our first run and then go at it FULL SPEED on the second run. We had fun riding the high bumps, technical switchbacks, hard lefts and rights, tabletops, slippery hairpins and whatever the track had to offer. The Vintage war machines, tanks and trucks were still there, just camouflaged with high grass and talahib.
We clocked our first run at 11 minutes, and then we rested. As usual, we talked about our experience and the best parts of the track. The tunnel was well placed and the odd stump of the tree that would literally block your racing line was a surprise for everyone. The appropriately positioned straight aways was a much needed recovery  from the hard slalom.

The second run was a smoother and faster ride for we got acquainted with the track and we were ready for the surprises… We knew when to change gears, when to hit the brakes, and when to pedal hard. Our time was 9 minutes 51 seconds. Not bad, coming from 11 minutes.
The Camp Aguinaldo Bike Adventure zone is a nice breather if you are too bored with the usual ride you do every weekend. The place is great, it improves your bike handling, pumps the heart, raises the adrenaline, plus it is near. Located at the heart of Quezon City, it is like a haven for all those working class heroes who want to have a quick fix inside the Metro. It is a short, yet fulfilling ride, and you could be back at the office in no time. Don’t over-do it for it will become very monotonous (after 5 rounds).

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  1. tish says:

    nice to hear you you have a closer place for Bike Adventure!!! Congrats again to your new blog! So proud of ya ~

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