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Call For Mountain Bike Adventure

Call For Mountain Bike Adventure

You want to go on a mountain bike adventure? Please do get in touch with VALLEYBIKES and we shall hook you up on a bike adventure!


Call For Mountain Bike Adventure


Our team has been mountain biking for more than ten years around the Philippines that we can proudly say that we can guide you on a two wheeled extravaganza! That is right! If you want to have a great time with your MTB, let us know and we shall show you the trails.

You’ve already seen the local RP trails? We offer a different perspective on these trails by Bike Packing our way to adventure!

Call For Mountain Bike Adventure

We tried and tested these adventures ourselves, so we can say that our crew has got the know how when it comes to having a blast.

Call For Mountain Bike Adventure

Ohmar’s Defender of the Universe

Our lead guide Ohmar Picache has been leading tours and is a certified guide. He shall lead our pack safely and hassle free. All you need is a sense of adventure, a little cash and we are all set. Of course no adventure is complete without the fun and camaraderie of adventure mates. Bring your posse along to make it extra special, just make sure that your friends are all up for some great time!

We shall let you enjoy the wonders of nature and the great outdoors while riding a mountain bike. It would be awesome if you had your own bike, specific to the demands of the trails, but if you do not have a bike, we can rent out a bombproof bike for this adventure.

Call For Mountain Bike Adventure

Gino’s Intense

We suggest a full suspension trail/enduro bike which can climb like a mountain goat, and descend with confidence. Of course, a hardtail with big thick tires can do the job, but there’s nothing better than an able modern mountain bike that is up to the rigors of the mountain.


Sample Cost: (per head- minimum of 6 persons per trip)

250 USd for a three day adventure to Mt. Ugo.


transportation from Baguio up to the trail head and back to Baguio.

all meals covered by our tour master. (breakfast, snacks, lunch, trail food, dinner, munchies)

accommodation. camp and sleeping equipment will provided and carried by our porters.

all fees ( registration. permit. local guide and porter)



As per the IMBA rating of international bike trails: Black Diamond. More on the black Diamond here: https://www.imba.com/resources/maps/trail-difficulty-ratings


If it is nearer, we can adjust the rates, that is just a sample rate for Mt. Ugo.

So, Just leave your email and contact number in the comments below if you are up for some ADVENTURE!


or you can email: josephbolintiam2@yahoo.com