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March 10, 2020 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Buhol Buhol— Sandwich’s Ode To The Traffic Problem In Metro Manila

I used to bike every Wednesday because my car’s plate number is 6. (So every Wednesday, cars with plate number ending at 5/6 were prohibited on major roads around Metro Manila.) I enjoy my bike commute because whatever time I leave the house, precisely 45 minutes after, I arrive at work. I got my cardio, dose of sunshine plus I don’t get to sit on irritating traffic jams.

Bohol Bohol--- Sandwich's Ode To The Traffic Problem In Metro Manila
elevator selfie

Pretty soon, I biked on Mondays as well to avoid the Monday rush. My car travel would take 1 hour to 1.5 hours going to work. If I biked, my travel time is just 45 mins only (really slow pace). Then I noticed that Friday is a traffic day as well so I included that to my bike-to-work routine.

Pedal Slow, homie!

I don’t perspire that much now. I have learned to pedal slow and not take on every biker who passes me. I am not racing anyone, so there is no need to pedal that fast. I also found out that if I don’t have a bag on my shoulder/ back, it is so much easier to bike. So, I got a front rack on my daily commuter and strapped my backpack there. I feel light as a bird and I really enjoy my bike trips going to work and coming home.

Now let us enjoy the music video of a Filipino rock band called Sandwich.

Raymund Marasigan rides a bicycle around town. I love that his band is promoting cycling to lessen traffic in Metro Manila! Cheers to Sandwich and all their members!

Bohol Bohol--- Sandwich's Ode To The Traffic Problem In Metro Manila
front rack game is strong with this one

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