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October 15, 2019 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Block's MTB Hobby

Ken Block is popular for race car drifting and his Gymkhana video series. His team produces such amazing drift videos that you wouldn’t believe that these stuff are real!

His jaw dropping drift video, Gymkhana Ten was pretty hyped and when it came out, man it was epic! His flair and style never backed down from the previous Gymkhana releases! To establish his god-like ability behind the wheel, watch his precision performance here:

Ken recently launched a video showcasing his garage full of mountain bikes. Dude! That is what you call a garage!

He is such an avid mountain biker that when he visited New Zealand, he hit the trails of Rotorua. And some more interesting activities there.

Ken’s passion on motor sports illuminates in his mountain bike hobby. Always ready to ride, his attitude on downhill matches the rush he gets on the highly exciting and adrenaline filled drifting (maybe not on the same level, but it’s on the same wave length). Continue to create wild super human content, Sir Ken Block. Your talent and passion is extra ordinary and truly note worthy.

Cheers to you!

photo credit to: for Ken’s photo and bike

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