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May 8, 2014 Comments (0) Bicycles, Blog Posts

Bling Bike for my Mommies

Thinking of a nice Mother’s day gift for the woman of your life? Look no further ‘coz this is the bike for the wife/girlfriend!
Bikers reason out that the second bike they are building is for the wife/gf, so they can spend more time together, etc. Yeah right. Now here is a bike that your wife/woman will truly enjoy: Gold Bike by the House of Solid Gold.
The House of Solid Gold is a California based company owned by Hugh Power. He is a mountain biker and the idea of creating a solid gold bike dawned on him while riding the trails. The biggest challenge according to him was to create a bike that was actually ride-able.
The components were gold, and big hit. They made the bike a fatty, making it an era bike, circa 2014.
article-2612199-1D4F9F6100000578-330_634x387water bottle
They used alligator hide for the saddle and stingray skin for the water bottle to add value to this Midas bike.
The cost? A whopping $1 million dollars.
The good news? The proceeds of the bike will go to The Way to Happiness Foundation, a global non-profit, non religious charitable organization that combats crime and violence worldwide. It is like donating to the org and getting this pimped out bike as a token. Not bad. Who knows, someday this bike might actually appreciate in value.
Only 13 gold bikes will be made.
Now I think this is a bike that the wifey will truly appreciate! Happy Mother’s day!

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