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April 27, 2014 Comments (2) Adventure, Bicycles, Bike Trials, Blog Posts

Black Sabbath Ride 2014

Black Sabbath Ride 2014 Sta. Inez
cover inez
“Every Black Sabbath Ride is an Epic Adventure.”
The Casili – Wawa route used to be very far… yet in the years that passed, it has become so close that we had to go farther this year.
With the usual requirements still intact (river crossing, adventure, picnic, swimming, technical riding, dh, long climb and FUN), the Mountain Goats plotted out a ride which was unfinished before. We rode the Sta. Ines river trail long way back, but we never got to the falls. They say there is a waterfalls somewhere there, but we never got to reach it before. When it became too late, we headed back. This time, we were set to find that waterfalls they call Kinabuan. With the help of the friendly locals, mountain bikers can easily find that.
We parked high up in the main highway, after Cabading, after Mang Vic’s. We ate breakfast at Mang Vic’s and started pedaling at 9am. No rush, no worries. Our first task: Go downhill for a good 10-15 minutes. It was a rush, it was so fun that others worried about our way back later. Some simply enjoyed the fast adrenaline-filled morning and that perked us all up and had our spirits going.
sta. inez 2014 (40)
We were joking about how we never reached our destination before because we only did seven river crossings. Then one guy asked how many river crossings do have to do before we reached the falls. Uhmmm, maybe around 31? So we began counting, even the small streams.
gopro crossing
The river crossings were technically challenging. Here are some tips for riding that RIVER CROSSING:
1. Believe you can. If in the first place you think you cannot, YOU WILL NOT. But if you believe that your bike skills can cross that shallow flowing water, then say a little prayer and cross it!
2. Find your line. Try looking ahead. It is best that you know what line to take. Choose the path with the least Baby’s head rocks. Big rocks that your front wheel cannot conquer, that is a problem.
3. Use a Low gear. I personally use the granny before conquering that flood. Also, granny helps in the resistance and water current. Going against the flow? Be like a salmon and fight.
gopro rivercrossing10170770_10152448990827975_9214288387069806488_n
The view was exhilarating. Mountains, streams, forests, rivers, clear blue sky… Mother Nature blasted us with visuals that make us thankful we bike in the great outdoors. Words cannot fathom the wonderful sights.
Gopro river
There were some areas where the locals were doing “kaingin” or burning the grass. It was just a sight to behold that one side of a whole hill was literally on fire. We passed by an area we called Mordor because the area was totally burnt to the ground. It was like going to a cursed place where it was all dry, bleak and burnt. We were amusing ourselves that the “ring” was becoming too heavy and we were all tired…

sta. inez 2014 (37)

Black Sabbath Ride 2014 Sta. Inez
As we continued on our journey, we saw a lot of other things. We saw a weird looking grass hopper with six jumper legs.Black Sabbath Ride 2014 Sta. Inez

We even saw a group of military men with high caliber guns. We ate halo-halo in the same sari-sari store they were hanging out in Sta Ines. It was a treat that it was the fiesta day of Sta Ines; though we never got to eat in any of the local homes…



We had some technical delays, but we finally arrived at the Kinabuan Falls. The Dumagats (local tribe) advised us to leave our bikes in one area but we did not have our chain locks with us so we had to carry our bikes near the falls. It was quite a task to carry your bike on a rock garden but the waterfalls was priceless.
dirty harry and nomad
sta. inez 2014 (17)
All ten of us Black Sabbath Riders 2014 had a smashing good time during our ride. The delay, the uphill ascent, the cramps, the pitch black ride going back to our vehicles were all part of the adventure. Personally, I wouldn’t change a thing if we were to do it again. Everybody had a blast. Now, here are some random pictures from Ron and the GoPro Hero HD.
gopro Lee
swimming goats
sta. inez 2014 (44) gopro1
sta. inez 2014 (41)band pic
sta. inez 2014 (11)
Acknowledgements: God almighty, Teamspyder, our wives, Defender of the Universe, Mang Vic’s and all those who supported us. Salamat!
sta. inez 2014 (31)
Enjoy our short Mountainbike video filled with FUN:

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  1. Wouldn’t mind going back. This was, indeed, an epic ride!

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