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100th Tour de France winner–Chris Froome

Heroes Trail Now— August 2013

July 30, 2013 Comments (4) Adventure, Bike Trials, Blog Posts, Wazat?!

Black Sabbath Ride 2013– musicbijo!

To all the riders who joined us during the Black Sabbath Ride 2013, Wasup!?
wawa 2013 (72)
High five to Pao Caro for editing the video footage and pictures.
Three pats on the back for Kani and his GoPro video. Pat pat pat. Good job!
Thanks to Ron and Macky for the comedy relief (and some pics also).
Ye ye ye to the Mountain Goats. Meeeeh!
Shout out to Shimanong. Kaimito hits!
Word to Gica and her boys, Ludwig and the gang, Niko, Mel and friends and all the riders. “Astig kayong lahat!”
Special thanks to the Red Hot Chili Peppers for their song, Aeroplane. (taken from the 1995 album One Hot Minute)
To all the other MT bikers, join us again next year, Black Sabbath for this fun epic ride!
Enjoy the video!

4 Responses to Black Sabbath Ride 2013– musicbijo!

  1. Macky says:

    For me, truly the epic ride of the summer! Thanks guys for taking me along for the ride. ‘Till next.

  2. Gica says:

    Ang naging mitsa sa pagka adictus ko sa mountain bike!! Next year ulit!

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