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June 4, 2015 Comments (0) Adventure, Blog Posts

Black Sabbath 2015

“Only a Surfer knows the feeling…”
I got that phrase from my surfer friends two decades ago. Now, it has stuck with me but as a Mountain biker, it is different. Both sports bring a unique rush to the person. It is different for each, yet the internal wiring inside your body, connected to your brain overloads and screws up your system. That euphoric moment when you ride can now be captured digitally so one can repeat the visual perception over and over again. It reminds you of that special moment, and you want to go back…
This is the epic Black Sabbath ride for 2015. It was a small group. There were no plans. So we went to our default short but epic ride Casili DH- Wawa route. This ride is quick yet if you enjoy it so much, it may take the whole day. From the climb, to the early brunch to the fast long downhill, long time devotees of the Black Sabbath know this route by heart. It is just near, yet it seems so far when pedaling back. Our group savors this route so as not to do it often because the magic might be lost…
Good thing it regenerates. Different crew brings a unique flavor for each ride. There are no pros nor experts in this ride. There are no newbies. We are all equal. We ride as one. We have fun as one.

“Only a mountain biker knows the feeling…”
GP river crossing 2015

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