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Black Diamond Trail at Timberland

The Mountain Goats had nowhere to ride to showcase the new jersey so we hit the Green Zone twice and went down via the recently-opened Black Diamond trail.
blackdiamond mar23 (5)
It is a loose steep descent which starts off somewhere inside going to the Roxas area. I wish they could connect this fast DH course to the already existing Patiis DH course. Now that is one looooong descent.
Anyway, back to the Black Diamond Trail, much has been said about the “scary” downhill section. You should ride it to actually experience it. By IMBA standards, it is called the Black Diamond due to the rating standard set by the International Mountain Bicycling Association, depending on the trail grade, technicality, angle of ascent and descent, tread width and tread surface.

In short, a lot has to be considered to actually grade a trail. The IMBA sets out a standard so that the riders could actually gauge their skill with the trail they are about to take.
More on that here:

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From the basic road of Timberland, one has to take a left going towards the Roxas property. Then you can see a single track that goes all the way down.
Last time we rode it, the condition was dry and so the soil was loose and powdery. It is a lot of fun going downhill but once you have ridden the track for more than a minute, you would realize that:
1. you are too fast
2. you must slow down
3. there is a silly grin on your face
black diamond
If you love going downhill, this is the track for you. If you don’t, this is a down-hell for you.
Since this is a black diamond trail, it must be hard, for all riders. The uphill mashers will have their balls on their throats on the DH part, AND the DH junkies will curse at the ascent of the uphill part. Yes. Sad news for our triple crown brothers: you have to pedal back up.

DH tips: drop the seat post. lean back as far as you can. try sitting on the rear wheel of your bike. release the brakes every so often (like how the ABS brakes in cars work), look far into the track, pray.

This track (so far) is short, sweet but it scratches the itch.
Try it!
blackdiamond mar23 (8)


  1. Art says:

    Proud to say, I rode the downhill section of this trail without dismounting 🙂 The uphill section however, was another matter, and had me hike-a-biking with several stops.

    1. giussef says:

      Yeah! Rock on Art! Ride Hard!