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September 29, 2013 Comments (2) Bicycles, Blog Posts

Birth of the Karate Monkey

The frame of the monkey took its time in the warmth of the box. Months passed, other bikes were built, and finally, it stood. Designed to be a 29er, the monkey dubbed as “Kics” now sports a 26 inch rim wrapped with Maxxis Holy Roller (thanks Lee).
The 2.4 fat tires, Truvativ Hussefelt handlebars, Funn 40mm stem mark the rider as a true All mountain fan. Shimano XT crank gives beef for the drive terrain in a right kinda light. Single speed with coaster hubs customed by Raven Cycles’ Bert, makes the braking system truly unique. Kics the monkey (15)
I call it the baby monkey for this is the start of a fun customization.
Kics is simple, wireless and nimble. The 4140 chrome moly frame is iconic for its bent seat tube, making the wheelbase shorter than your average bear– I mean bike. Shorter wheelbase just concludes a quicker bike for turns and berms. Steel is real and purists say that the steel frame has a certain bend and play, making the bike a fun ride when going through rough terrain.
The stance is easy, and the bike is fun to pedal with a 32-17 ratio. Braking ain’t a problem simply because Kics coasts like a dream. According to the coaster gurus, one should always repack and regrease the hub. It really depends on how many kilometers you have clocked in, the important thing is you. must. repack.
The fatties, short stem, and high rise bar connote a BMX on a 26 inch platform. Specially designated for Urban use, this commuter bike is a pseudo fixie on steroids. But this is NOT a fixie. Kics has freewheel. One of the best inventions in the modern times. Use it. Be Free.
Kics the monkey (14)
Kics the monkey (6)
Kics the monkey (17)
Yet when you look at Kics, it is still clean and sexy simply because it is wireless. No levers, no brakes, pure and simple. Need ah say mo?

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  1. Macky says:

    As Mr. Fu would say, “LOOOOHHVEEEHHHTTT!!!”

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