Biker’s Prayer

Rainy Day Tips For Cyclists

June 11, 2020 Comments (0) Adventure

Biking With A Scanner Darkly

What happens when you throw in Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr, Woody Harrelson and Winona Ryder in a scene about bikes?

play it Dude!

“Total total total totally total total total providence.”

Biking With A Scanner Darkly

“What do you think happened to the missing gears?”

Biking With A Scanner Darkly
livin it.

So. If the bike has 6 at the back and 3 upfront, we all know that the bike has 18 gears, as promised. 6 x 3 = 18 gears. It’s funny how we used to have all those gears before, until there came a time when we just had one crank plate then we were reduced to ten speed, then 11 speed then now (June 2020) it is at 12 speed.

The bicycle industry just can’t stay still. We can’t blame them. It is all about marketing and how the consumerism in those bike companies need to forever change their standard so buyers would just continue to upgrade and change their bikes to the latest tech.

That is life. The only thing constant is change. 26 inch wheels used to reign. Now its 29ers and 27.5s. Who knows what will the future hold? Back to 26?

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