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February 21, 2015 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Bikes of Future Past

Bicycles are machines that help us move from one point to another. It makes work easier. Rather than walking or running, the wheels and gears help humans transport faster. Yet we cannot stop imagining and innovating our simple machine. The bicycle morphed into a petrol powered motorcycle. It became a gas guzzler and it wasn’t too Earth friendly. Now, thinkers and scientists have evolved the modern bicycle into something more efficient. Using the scientific method, we have tapped the different forces of nature like electricity, friction, energy storage and the like. Technology works wonders.
Here are some of the bikes we hope to ride in the near future.

My favorite looking bike is the Audi E bike.
Mark the date: February 20, 2015. Blog released first quarter of 2015. (how soon can these wonder bikes become mainstream?)

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