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sunday biking with the gang (58)

The children are our future. Teach them how to pedal and balance while they are still young, for this is a big factor when they grow up. I know a lot of grown ups who don’t know how to bike. They never had the chance to ride a bike when they were young. They haven’t tasted real freedom (read: independence).
At a young age, kids do not know what biking really means… for them it is just an outdoor activity to get some sun and fresh air. Some kids love the fact that it breaks the monotony of the television and computer games. For others, it is special bonding time with their moms and dads. The real quality time spent with the kids would go a long way in the memory of the kid, somehow making him/her a better person. Biking exercises the legs and arms, it pumps the heart, it makes you sweat and you feel good after a session. Shall I continue enumerating the positive effects of biking?
In due time, kids will grow up, realize and be thankful that their parents taught them how to bike. They shall realize the true value of freedom and finding the right balance.

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