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BIKER thoughts when raining

I thought I can make it on time. I saw the darkening clouds, and the distance is just two kilometers from point A to point B. I can pedal like crazy and beat the rain, I told myself. But the wind is simply too fast, I can see the dark clouds moving EAST bound, going to my direction.

It’s coming.
First it’s just like spraying Evian on my face… then the drops of water are slowly stinging my face.
It has grown to a full blown rainshower!
 I gotta safely tuck the electronic devices on me. I have to dodge under a shade. I chose the bank in Kamias to let the rain pass on by…
There, some people were also caught trapped by the sudden burst of nature. I find my nice secluded spot and parked my bike beside Manong’s commuter.

It was a quickie.
five, ten minutes passsed. It was all good. But the dilemma now is the unavoidable splat of the rear wheel on my behind.
Thank god for Bandanas… Got my bandana, folded it lengthwise and tucked it on my butt crack. May instant mud guard na ko sa pwet!
NO more unnecessary splater on my bee-hind.
Good thinking wonderdog!

Now we can pedal happily on the newly washed road!
the end!


  1. Deanne V says:

    Wahahaha. 🙂 Poetically speaking and writing really does flow through our blood. :>