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First Eva'– Phil-Bike Expo 2014

November 10, 2014 Comments (0) Bicycles, Blog Posts


How soon will our simple transport machine transform into a much hybrid form?
Bike designers from around the globe get inspiration from anything and everything. You’ve thought about some great idea, they are already doing it someplace in the globe, you just don’t know it yet. A great idea comes out of nothing, so the race to actually do the idea and pull it off, gets dibs for the credit. You just have to “publish” your work.
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I attended a Rescue March, an awareness march for disaster preparation. The participants of the march were rescue teams from around the Philippines. It was a gallant effort for the teams to let the world know that our country should be disaster ready.
Some participants of the parade rode VanMoof bicycles which were really trendy. The bikes had straight clean lines which are reminiscent of the first Iphone. The energy from the bike is harnessed, thus the light on the front and back. The light is LED and developed by Philips. Clap clap to our brothers in Amsterdam! Continue churning out the creativity there!
I have been playing with an idea with my Engineer bike mate, John Sadler… what if, we can actually charge our gadget in our bikes? Store up the kinetic energy from the crankset, store it in a battery pack (1200 Php in Greenhills), and actually have some power for our hand held device!
I hope the Chinese factory workers actually bump into this idea of mine so they can make one and label it as CD-R King… hahaha. Now that would be a laugh! Any willing investors out there???

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