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March 19, 2013 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Bike Wrench

Bike Wrench– (noun) The Bike Wrench is Mr. Fix-it-Mechanic who knows everything in tweaking any bicycle. He has a magical touch in tuning the rear derailleur, he is the master when turning the allen key to tighten those brakes and he balances wheelsets with one eye closed. Bike Wrench knows where that squeak is coming from (he jokes that its just a bird trapped somewhere), he simply pedals your machine and the doctor shall cure the patient. The really excellent ones shall fix your bike and really make it work, with no upgrades necessary.
Now, having a good bike wrench is as important as having a good doctor and good lawyer. It’s nice to have one, but its better to have a good one! Look for the best Bike Wrench, and stick with ’em! Kudos to Upeng and Jeff!

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