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December 14, 2013 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Bike To The Future

This is not a movie starring Michael J. Fox, but the future is here. In the trilogy, they teased us of hover boards, flying cars and trash as a source of energy. Yes, the future is now and the world is getting smaller, so the technology of our brothers from across the globe arrive as news which startle us.
I only imagined having my bike as a source of energy to power up my gadget. My engineer friend and I discussed that it might be efficient to put it on the crank, or maybe on the front wheel. We also agreed that it should be bolt on, and easy to fix. Design wise, it should be beautiful and flawless. We also discussed that it should be very light. We cannot compromise putting a heavy AfterMarket Device on our super light bicycle.
And then I discovered this video. Now I know what to ask Santa Claus.

I was good the whole year, right?
Santa Claus, if your elves can’t do the wheel just yet, you can pre-order it for $699 at

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