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Greg Minnaar 510 review

I am not a mountain bike shoe fan. First of all, with the mountain bike discipline that I lean to, flat gum soles are the best soles there is. I ride aggressive trail and downhill so I tend to be more comfortable in leaning my foot on really fast turns and berms.
I am not at all excited on the design cues the clipless shoe bring. (read: too stiff)
510 bridges the gap of freeride and enduro with their padded shoe design with cleats option.
The 510 Greg Minaar model is the answer for those who want to look cool and still be in top most function.

Who is Greg Minnaar?

He is a three time World Downhill Champion from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. He owns a bike shop and he is part of the Santa Cruz Syndicate Team. He is no Michael Jordan, yet he could pass as a Kobe. Cool guy to have his name on your shoe model.

The velcro strap holds the shoe firmly and is such a blessing for those who want to have an easy time slipping on and off the shoe with ease. The strap also gives extra support for that pedaling power you need when pulling up the crank on those grueling bike ascents.
The sole is sewn on the upper part of the shoe so there would be no issue of “sole smiling”.
The day I got it, I immediately bought the Shimano multi-release cleats. Everybody I know recommends this so that first time cleat users would have no problem disengaging their feet from the pedal. It is a sad sight to see your friend very slowly losing their balance and crash. They say, to avoid this, you must learn how to disengage quickly and do it as if it was second nature to you.
I used the shoe and Dirty Harry in the urban streets first just to accustom myself to the release and clipping to the pedal. At first, I can’t get my 510 into the pedal. There is a sweet spot on the sole which you must click on to. With practice, one gets used to it and it becomes second nature. Then I got to practice more the engage and disengage. So far, the slowly falling to one side has not yet happened to me. (Mental Note: practice first)

OK, so now, what makes the shoe special?
When riding the trails and the track becomes viciously treacherous, I release my 510 from the pedal and adjust my stance for an aggressive attack. I sometimes put my foot down on tight turns so the quick release practice comes in handy.

The stealth rubber gives the user a more stable stance when going technical. Advanced skills? Make the bike jump over those ruts and rocks.
But our mountain trails are not all downhill. Once the track rolls up, aside from shifting, I instantly engage on the pedal and I am climbing like a mountain goat. Pure ease, no worries.












I personally put the shoe to a test comparing it to my old Vans and Adidas trekking shoe. No special treatment was given to the 510. Dust, mud, water and a lot of riding, those were all thrown at the shoe. It remains awesome and comfortable after two months. I used it to cross rivers, walk on mud, get sprayed with dust and whatever abuse I give to my dedicated MTB shoe.
It is comfortable.
It looks cool.
The design is bombproof. For me, it’s like having Vans plus cleats.

Nice one, 510!