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Bike Pron– Awesome Looking Toys

Once in a while, we catch ourselves staring at bikes more than we stare at other stuff worth staring at. It is perfectly fine, that is just admiration… yet when we become slightly obsessed at it, then that becomes a dilemma. Here are some Bike Pron– Awesome Looking Toys or boutique bicycles we gathered from


I have always been amazed with the Mutz by Foes. This color scheme is not bad at all. Full Suspension with Fat tires… this is the MADMAX of hardcore mountainbiking.

bike pron awesome toys

Sycip has been a long time boutique brand for bicycles. Brothers Jeremy and Jay Sycip are Filipinos based in the United States of America. They are quite established already and Sycip is a good bicycle to look out for.
Loaded looking touring bike— must get you anywhere.

bike pron awesome looking toys

The emergence of the “gravel bike” is funny. Can’t we just call it cyclo cross? or serious cross country (XC)? No, the industry decided to call it “gravel bike”. Road bikes with disc brakes, more like it. This looks neat though.

bike pron awesome looking bikes

This is the schnozola. It is a fixed-dirt-track-pursuit-bike. Go figure it out.

bike pron awesome looking bikes

This unique bike from Hunter high plains is a drifter-camping bike. You would want this baby on your expedition, right? This is the toy you want to bring for that cross country trip that would bring you from coast to coast. Pack all your gear and GO!

bike pron awesome looking bikes

Light fast nimble and all its synonyms are packed into this sleek looking bike. You gotta catch up just to see it well (that’s how it is). I hope this bike is related to James.

bike pron awesome looking bikes

Ever since I saw Oddity on one social network, I started following them on almost all platforms. Whenever they post something, I really react to it and click “like” or “wow”. Their Razor handlebars are out of this world, and their squid forks blow the mind! I would like to keep one Oddity in my collection someday.

Bike Pron Awesome looking bikes

This bike design is out of the box. It is a bike by W.H. Brandford. The unconventional suspension in the front bends what is real and what is possible. The BMX highrise cockpit gives it the klunker type of look, only meaner. Front disc brakes on SS set-up shouts hardcore at this ride. And what are those double top tubes:? This is one for the books.

We shall be seeing more and more ratbikes coming out of production due to the booming cycle industry. With the world being one now and information is quickly transferred, we stand now on creative giants, we just have to know how to adapt and make the most out of what we have.