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It was a yearly event celebrated every Earthday. Fun ride around the Metro, which is supposed to make people aware about the Fireflies. Nice concept.
Gave a chance for bikers to enjoy Edsa and give motorists a reason to stop and watch the bike parade go by.
The heat of the Metro burned everybody but it was all good.
My white sando was gray halfway thru the ride.
Lotsa crazy riders.
There were also lots of semplangs.
But all in all, I still enjoy the Tour of the Fireflies and still look forward to the event.


  1. nice post! sa uulitin! hapdi na sunburn mo no? hanep ka sa kabaliwan, bow ako sa yo hehehe! =)

  2. Gino Tan says:

    nyahahaha.. Si Binatog man yan

  3. Danny Andag says:

    galing nitong low rider..

  4. J.M. Alvarez says:

    Sir yan po ba yung JDCruz mo?pogi ng cruiser mo..