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January 13, 2015 Comments (0) Blog Posts, Reviews

Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing Review

I’d rather bike than play video games.
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But after being introduced to this paid mobile app, Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing, I now spend my waiting time fiddling with my mobile phone enjoying my down time pedaling, catching some serious air and going downhill really FAST. Never before have I enjoyed playing bike games in my mobile. The free game apps I have played before doesn’t quite tickle my fancy as this.
Why is this game FUN?
1. Fancy bike tricks when you’re catching air.
2. Nasty spills when your tricks don’t quite succeed.
3. Cool bike controls.
4. Nice colorful backgrounds.
5. The bike swag and mountain bikes are interchangeable.
6. Wheelies and endos are almost real with the responsive suspension from the bikes.
7. Nice game play.
bike mayhem
Best Free Games Inc. presents over 100 trails inspired by real tracks all over the world. Players must compete in timed events, freestyle events and downhill races. I just wish there is an option in the app wherein you can actually record your run and share it in social media. That is one way to promote the app, so people can download and play it more.
In conclusion, I’d still rather be riding so I can feel the wind on my face and breath in the awesome view of Mother Nature than to let my finger do the biking. But this is a very good way to kill time.
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Tell me your feedback from the game! Write your comments below! Yeah!

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