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Wet the Helmet

Pedal Your Way to This!

September 23, 2014 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Bike Charge

Biking in the mountain is a privilege for city dwellers. If you live near a mountain that is undisturbed of its natural beauty, well and good for you. For some, one must travel a great distance to enjoy the beauty and energy that envelops God’s splendid creation.
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In Metro Manila, the Sierra Madre mountain range is still the nearest mountain region that can be explored. It is near the city, so the perks of distance is there, yet there are also drawbacks if one ponders about it. One major drawback is the development of the area. The once lush trails are slowly giving way to subdivisions and concrete pavements. Trees used to offer shade and give off oxygen are now lifeless hard concrete.
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Thus, enjoy nature while it’s still there. You’ll never know when development will strike. Pretty soon, mountain bikers would have to travel a good two hour vehicle ride in order to get to the lush trails.
We can always ask the Forrest reserves if bikers can create a bike trail sanctuary. La Mesa Ecotrail in Quezon City has a good single track. It is well kept and manicured. We need more of those. There are small bike parks around Metro Manila but once you do it often enough, it becomes monotonous and boring.
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Hit the Trails! Biking charges your system. It is very refreshing and the adrenaline rush leaves you content and happy.

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