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Bike All The Way


Let’s Bike All The Way!

Living in the Philippines has its ups and downs.

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UP: The archipelago is very rich in natural resources, every island is a wonder on its own. It is but natural to pedal the whole country and experience its grandeur.

DOWN: Everything’s so good, you don’t know where to start!?!

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You can travel the country in a number of ways, via car, bus, plane, boat, motorcycle, or any form, but seeing things while riding your bicycle gives you a different perspective on the sights, the people, the scenery and backdrop.

Pedaling grants you the pace needed to truly feel everything. It lets you notice the finer things (like the bright yellow flower that runs on the ground) and smell the fresh aroma of the surrounding… It lets you hear the orchestrated chirps and sighs of the living things around.

Thus you feel the peace.

Bike packing is a slowly growing category in the diverse world of cycling. It is going one with the force and using man’s natural energy to move from one place to another, not destroying nature but simply living with it.


So pack your bag and service your bike. Go out and explore! It’s a wonderful world out there!

any given Sunday

any given Sunday



Whether it is a half day ride or whole day adventure, you have to be always prepared (like a boyscout!)


  1. Water
  2. Identification
  3. munchies (banana/ crackers/ candies)
  4. tools
  5. camera phone
  6. plastic bag (to keep your stuff dry)

Please check your bike as well. Proper maintenance is better than no maintenance. Lube those chains, check your brake pads, make sure your gears shift well and put the proper air pressure on your tires. Simple steps like these will make your ride hassle free and smooth. The worst thing is a broken bike. Please do everyone in the group a favor and don’t be a liability.

Be a Boyscout on Wheels!


"unless you ride with your bike mechanic, you should have your bike in tip top condition."

“unless you ride with your bike mechanic, you should have your bike in tip top condition.”
















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