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First National Bicycle Day in the Philippines

October 20, 2014 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Bicycle Aesthetics

Others see bicycles as something beautiful. Other see it as a well functioning machine to bring you to places faster. I see it as a work of art. Some bike manufacturers put together bikes and don’t care how the bike would actually look in a crowd of two wheeled machines.
I always tell people asking for advice on how to pimp your fahrad:
1. Keep the frame nice and clean. You want a good looking bike? Strip the frame down to its core, and have it repainted. Choose a color way that would best suit your taste and design the sprayed/oven-baked frame with your preferred decals. Once the decals are set, spray it with show quality top coat. There are trade secrets on how to make the frame squeaky shiny.
Ask me how!
bike pimp ye
2. Invest on good tires.
Aside from the obvious frame and the name that you flash on the down tube, the tires of the bike define it as a well invested machine. Thread pattern, sticky rubber, puncture proof and all those jazz make the tires really good. Ever since I started biking, I have always seen the tires as very important investments. If you are running road tires, the sleeker the better. Knobby? These babies can dig into the mud and elements with ease when climbing and going downhill.
Well, now that your bike looks nice, you should flaunt it more often. Ride more. Clock in your saddle time. Everything else will follow. Good luck!

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