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June 27, 2019 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Best For Your Brain: Fox Dropframe

EVIL Bike photo by BIKE Magazine

So you got a mountain bike, if you are going to ride that in the wilderness, here are a few essentials: a dependable helmet, good fitting gloves, sturdy but comfortable rubber shoes and guts. You can buy the first three, but you would have to develop your guts in order to face the trials of nature.

Yet I won’t talk about guts today but I will talk about helmets. In my years of mountain biking, I have gone through a lot of lids. Helmets have a life span so it is advisable to change your lid every so often. There are so many different answers on “how long before I change my helmet?” Are you a heavy helmet user? Or do you use your helmet once in a blue moon? See, nothing lasts forever so everything must be retired when wear and tear happens.

I change my helmet when I can’t stand the smell of it. Before getting a new one, I usually remove the pads, wash it with nice soap and clean the straps with a fragrant liquid soap as well. I hang the helmet and pads to sun dry until it is ready to use again. It extends the life of the helmet for a few more rides, but that is a tall tell sign that the helmet is due for replacement. I start to research on the best looking, trendiest and most modern helmet for cycling. If the lid could save your life, why not look good while wearing it, right? If you aren’t confident and comfortable when wearing your helmet, you’d probably be always removing it and not proud of your head gear. So my motto is: Invest in a good helmet because you not only look good, it could save your brain!

There are lots of great helmets on the market right now, especially when Enduro Mountain Biking became a trend. The trend opened up a new genre of mountain biking thus, new designs popped up because of it. Since Enduro required the rider to be more aggressive, the downhill elements of a fullface helmet were incorporated into the designs of the modern Enduro helmet. Riders weren’t too comfortable in wearing a full face helmet for Enduro rides because they feel that it is a little too overkill. Since it also required to pedal uphill on some sections of Enduro, the full face hinders the air from passing to your head. One helmet company got both the good elements of the Downhill and Enduro lids by creating a detachable face protector/ chin guard. It became a craze and everybody wanted to have one, even if it was quite expensive. That set a trend in Enduro, but nothing quite like what the Fox Dropframe is all about.

The Fox Dropframe

The Fox Dropframe sets the par when it comes to design and comfort for Enduro Mountain Biking. The side protection covers the ears yet it also sets them free. The cut and shape of the lid dictates daring design cues for the industry and I am very sure other helmet companies will duplicate and copy this.

Artists and bikers alike are drawn to the wonderful shape of the Fox Dropframe. Instead of two “Y” straps that meet at the chin, there is only one short strap which is adjustable.

One ground breaking feature of the helmet aside from the ventilated protected ears is that the strap is held together via magnet! Yes, they call it the Fidlock SNAP helmet buckle. You can simply click it and the straps are locked in place. With or without gloves, you can easily attach and remove the strap, thanks to this awesome technology. Pretty soon, others will follow suit for this kind of lock for it is very easy and truly practical.

law of attraction: Magnets are attractive!

The Fidlock SNAP helmet buckle works well with the Dropframe because the helmet provides the user a snug and comfortable fit already so the strap is there to just hold the helmet in place.

Make sure you have the right size when buying the Dropframe because the helmet hugs your whole head including your sideburns. Don’t worry if you have chubby cheeks, there is an extra set of pads (one set thin and one set is thick) and you can easily set which one is suitable for you. The velcro on the pads will hold it in place, so when you have to change or wash the pads, they can easily be attached to the Dropframe.

When I got the Dropframe, I was so stoked to ride that I even used it when I rode around the city. People who saw the helmet praised it. Even non-bikers noticed how awesome the open face helmet looked. I got the predominantly white helmet and the red Fox logo screamed on the top of the Dropframe. Looking at it from the side, the panda colorway made the Fox Dropframe stand out. The side protection is really innovative, yet cool enough because of the ear opening.

If you are accustomed to wearing earphones while biking, you should put on your ear buds first before wearing the Fox Dropframe. The wire of your earphone should be inside. I tried to wear my earphone after the helmet, it worked, due to the ear opening, but the wire gets in the way of the helmet. So remember, ear phones first before the Dropframe.

The Fox Dropframe is relatively lighter than its MTB counterparts. Everyone who wore the helmet commended it for being light. “It is like wearing a motorcycle helmet because it is snug, but very light!” they say. Of course, this is not categorized as a motorcycle helmet so we cannot compare it to that. This helmet simply protects the rider from side impacts and other mountain bike related crashes. I am a victim of low hanging branches and these branches usually scratch my helmets, resulting to imperfections. Well, at least these battle scars make the helmet useful. You don’t need to crash to release the potential of a lid, all you need to do is wear it at all times and the cost of the helmet shall justify itself.

You can purchase the Fox Dropframe helmet at all Fox stores around Metro Manila or at R.O.X. I got mine in Fox Megamall (whose staff is really rad and helpful). SO if you want protection and innovation while looking really futuristic while mountain biking, pay for that Fox Dropframe. (SRP: P11,000.00)

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