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BC 101 – Bike Cleaning 101

“How to clean your bike”

how to clean your bike

After a muddy ride, the bike is so macho to look at. Its nice to see all the mud and all the grime on your bike. But before putting it away, make sure it is cleaned and still in tune.

how to clean your bike
I use my trusty hose to clean all the mud from the bike. While running the bike with water, wipe away all the dirt and mud from the bike. I don’t use soap, coz I won’t smell the bike anyway. I just wipe away the mud and let the water do its fabulous job in cleaning the bike. I try to get off all the mud from the derailleurs and brakes and small parts of the bike. I fold and use the rag creatively to get the hard to reach parts.


A trusty old toothbrush comes in handy when it comes to cleaning the little moving parts of my bike. The ol toothbrush is very effective in cleaning the brakes, wires and shifters.


how to clean your bike

You can also use different kinds of brushes to clean your bike. There are a hundred and one ways to clean you bike, it just so happens that the more brushes you have, the better your cleaning experience will be.

how to clean your bike


After you’ve cleaned out all the mud from the bike (really depends on how OC you are), its time to oil your rig. What I do, i clean the chain first and free it from all the muck and goo it has gathered from my previous rides. I run the chain on a damp cloth and spin the crankset backwards. Use other parts of the rug (see how dirty the chain is?)  and once the chain is all clean, start lubing your chain.

how to clean your bikeI put a small drop on each link of the chain. I do this carefully, each drop on the proper link. I am careful not to overdo the machine oil—— for in excess, the chain would just eat up dirt and produce black grease for your legs.
So after each drop of oil on each link, I wipe the chain with one last wipe from a dry rug. So that the chain is properly lubed but not overkill.
I also disengage the brake wires from the lever and put a drop or two of lube down inside the wire. (not applicable to hydraulic brakes, yo!!!)
THAT is how I CLEAN my BIKE>
there is a saying that I heard, it is like cleaning your toilet. IF YOU DO IT OFTEN ENOUGH, IT WON’T BE TOO YUCKY TO CLEAN. BUT IF YOU LEAVE IT DIRTY AND ALL, IT IS GROSS.