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BaseKamp Trail Revisited

basekamp Pintong Boqaue
The crew rode at Timberland last Sunday. When we arrived at Jason’s barbequehan, we couldn’t decide where to go. One of our mates brought along his wife so we settled for the basic trail and just ride BaseKamp (we figured blue and green were too muddy from the previous night’s rain).
Mountain goats with friends
The basic trail was uneventful except for the guy who tried to overtake one of my friends and took a nasty spill going too fast. According to my bikemate, when the guy overtook him, the rider fell into the rut and bounced really hard. The poor guy flew off from his bike and fell hard on his shoulder. Everybody stopped and helped him up. One of the boys went back to Jason’s to seek for assistance. Luckily, a doctor was passing by and administered first aid. Once the medics were there, it was time to continue our ride.
20150409 basekamp (8)
20150409 basekamp (16)
It was an easy pace going to BaseKamp, passing Giant store and then finally reaching the summit of the former Sandugo factory. The boys have visited this area a long way back when the owners were just starting to develop the land. The couple who owned the area were old “outdoor mates” of one of our friends.
BaseKamp Trail Revisited
We have seen the rapid development of the area , from just having packed singletrack to now prime berms and switchbacks. The track is good training ground for all those raceboys who want to up the ante of their bike technical skills. You have a choice of riding the enduro track or the XC track, depending on your bike handling.
The trail is very fun. Rating the trail with 10 stars being the highest, I give the track 8 stars. It has the right carvings and the soil is Maarat’s finest red clay.
The downside of the track is the ascent. Once the rider hits the lowest part of the land, one must pay for all the downhill that tickled your fancy. Steady climb up with the switchbacks and what-have-you. Mind power on the crank, telling the bike to push up. I clipped the 510s on the shimano pedal and concentrated hard to get the bike up to the rest area.
While climbing, here are the tips which played in my head:
a. high knees. (to fire up that different muscle group)
b. Keep the breathing steady and constant. inhale through the nose, exhale out the mouth.
c. mind over matter. woooshaa. we are almost there.
goats at basekamp
We had a good time in the BaseKamp trail. We ate, had a few laughs, told some silly stories, etc. The usual fun and cajoling bikers live for. Then we had to go back for we had to meet our lunch curfew. Once we passed the Giant store, the rain came.
Biking in the Rain
This was no ordinary rain. This was a heavy downpour. It was too hard to see through the shades, yet we needed the eyewear as protection for the water splatting from the front tire. I decided to keep my Spyder shades on, even if it means getting a little dark, at least the water won’t go into my eye.
I packed my cellphone and wallet inside my Ziplock bag and continued my fun wet ride. Pedaling through Basic trail, the water running through it, we felt like tunas going against the flow of a river. This wasn’t river crossing, it was water flow riding! There were Fatbike boys who were also playing in the rain, splashing through everything. They were enjoying their fat tires in this rainy weather, rolling over anything and everything. We were soaked silly with rain water. Yet our spirits were recharged with a different energy which only Mother Nature can give us.
Nice Ride, indeed.

Visit BaseKamp and enjoy the glory of the outdoors.

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