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June 13, 2014 Comments (0) Bicycles, Blog Posts, Wazat?!

Baby Got Back!

The Fat Tire Revolution is now. Thanks to the internet, people from the global cycling community get to share information and ordering for bike parts is easier nowadays. Correspondence is easier and communication is faster. We get replies from inquiries within 24 hours and the cycling community is getting bigger by the day.
People are starting to get on bicycles. It is now just a preference of what kind of bike is best suitable for each individual.
Others prefer the road, thus they incline towards the single speed fixed gear set-up. Or the really light carbon attack bikes.
Some guys like the outdoors and trails so they go rough with a mountain bike. From there, choices like hard tail or full sus come into play. The different disciplines of mountain biking also is a factor because the wheel size and diameter are variables now as well.
There are a lot more sub groups and diverse subcultures for cycling like the foldable bikes, comfort bikes, mini-velos, BMX, low riders, butterfly rides, cruisers and if I touch on all of them, this blog would be too long. So, I will just talk about the latest fad now with the two wheeled machine: the FATBIKE.
Originally made for the snow and sand, these monsta tires were solutions for the need of a bike that can run on fine sand and snow. Fatter wheels mean more traction for those surfaces which an ordinary 2.35 tire would be digging. Thus, the larger the surface contact, the more traction. Simple, right?
Introducing the Mongoose Beast. Coming to a local bike shop near you. It is now being sold abroad for a very cheap price compared to the Surleys and Fatbacks and Sandmans. This baby beat everyone in the fat tire category in terms of price. Nothing fancy about this bike: just those big ass tires and rims. Expect everybody in the hood to turn their heads and talk about the wheel of your bike. Their first question is: “Mabigat bang padyakan?” (Is it hard to pedal?)
If you want to be unique, this is the bike for you. If you plan to cruise down the beach in your bathing suit, this baby is definitely the looker to match your Speedos. Running on stock form (except for the stem and handlebar), there are a lot of tweakings for the Beast. You could DIY the rims and make it lighter by drilling holes in between the spokes. That could save you a lot of mass.
This baby is running on coaster hubs thus the lack of any cables and keeping it clean. Quite hard for the trails due to its sheer mass and lack of stopping power, this Urban cruiser is quite at home in the city. Bring it to the beach using a pick-up and it will surely attract the milkshake totting girls.
It is cool to have a Fatso as a third bike.
Acknowledgement: Jayboy for the Beast pictures.

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