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All Terra Blue zone

Took a ride last May 15, 2011 to the Allterra Blue Zone. It was not yet finished, but the signs were up already so we braved the trail. How lost can you “get lost” in Maarat, right? It was a fun ride. Lots of technical sections in the beginning, with tight uphill switchbacks that were built only for the “men”. With the wrong gearing and timing, it is okay to ah-kay. (rhyme).
The berms were fun to ride, with tight lefts and tight rights. Just ride it fast and do not dive into the rut, you’re all good. The technical downhills were a blast to ride, with lots of fun obstacles which any hardtail or fullsus bike can easily munch.
I rode first, shouting the things to come for our virgin group of four. Lo and behold, there is a cute cliff (which was fenced off) which you can drop into, if you’re not weary of your speed. (“Bangin!!!”)
There were even parts of the trail that were made by putting together wooden sticks together, ala-Northshore or the trails we used to see in YouTube. very good, very well thought of.
The trail concluded on a little stream of water that flows peacefully along Maarat. This same creek was a safehaven and oasis to all bikers of Maarat. It reminded the rider why Mountainbiking is such a NATURAL activity.
All in all, it was a fun experience. Not for the faint-hearted nor the weary rider. This trail only shows that Mt. Maarat is truly a haven for mountain biking. I just wish it stays that way for a long long time.

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