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July 7, 2014 Comments (0) Adventure, Bicycles, Bike Trials, Blog Posts

Alabangers— Trail Riding South of the City

At the edge of Metro Manila, before the land line turns into long distance, sits a technical trail made by bikers for mountain bikers… The Filinvest Trail in Alabang is a quick remedy for bikers living in the south who wants to improve on their technical riding skills. The first time I rode the track, it stretched out to a lot of empty blocks, but development has taken its toll so now, some sections are closed. The trail developers are continuously adding new sections to keep the track interesting just so the fire won’t die down.
If you want to know more about the Filinvest trails, read here—>
The highlight of my Alabangers trip is the new Santa Cruz Bronson named Chuckie.
My trail master came back from Rotorua, New Zealand to enjoy the trails of New Zealand plus to participate in a triathlon event there. The crew’s stories were a blast to hear; from their experiences in NZ, to the trails there, to the crazy MT bike grannies that dropped down steep ascents… They say it is Mountain bike mecca in Rotorua. People there ain’t got nothing to do, so they just simply enjoy the outdoors.
One of the boys bought a Santa Cruz Bronson in NZ because he thought the Bronson is the answer to the challenging trails of Rotorua. True enough, the beefiness of the bike did not let him down. It is light (carbon frame, baby) yet sturdy enough to tackle on anything. The 27.5 wheels can just munch on whatever you throw at it. The Rockshock Pike conquers all obstacles and bumps like there was no tomorrow. I inquired about the new 1 x 11 set-up and how is it different from the usual 2 x 9 with granny. So the owner let me ride it to actually experience the shifting and crispness it brought. I am now a believer of the 1 x 11. Thank God for technology.
Another interesting fact about Chuckie is that it was built by Mike Metz. He owns a shop in Rotorua, he is a bike mech, plus a DH champion. It is like having your bike custom built by a world class biker and rider. Truly noteworthy.
I now believe that if the “pana” of the Indian is this good, the Indian should be really good. You can’t go about strutting your new toy around and you can’t hit bull’s eye right? Your skill level should be at par with your weapon. Good thing the owner of this bad ass machine is bad ass himself.

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