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March 27, 2013 Comments (0) Bike Trials, Blog Posts

Ahon Antipolo- Level Two Ride

Ahon is a term for local riders which means to climb up. Whenever we make a new bike, the crew rides with the owner.
Different levels of Ride

    Level one ride means going around a university or a village, with no cars or minimal traffic, just to get the feel and balance of the bike. The posse will acquaint the rider with the new bike and we shall teach the proud owner the “how-to” and basic shifting of the bike.
    Level Two is for much experienced bikers. These guys are the ones who had a bike when they were young. They have crazy stories about their bike-experience/s. They have a fond memory of where he and his bike reached and how he tasted freedom riding his two wheeled toy. In the level two ride, the distance is challenging for this would really pump your heart and break your sweat. But, like I always tell my friends, if you are tired, rest. Just choose a shaded area, preferably under a tree, shout out loud, “Penga!” (which means pahinga or rest) The whole group will rest with you, so that we can chitchat and the camaraderie, laughter, jokes and fun time never stop.
    Level Three ride is a combination of climbs, distance and technical bike handling. Clock in the heat with the distance so that would really toil on you and your endurance for suffering. I share the secret of climbing during level three rides (which was entrusted to me by a bike guru).
    Level four is a notch higher than level 3. Steeper climbs, almost impossible slopes. The angle of ascension would really bond you with good ‘ol Granny. But the yin of the yang would give you a fulfilling amount of fast and fun downhill.
    Level Five ride is an epic ride with vast proportions! Long, I-thought-impossible climbs on degrees which you heard only during Math class. Level five ride is a mixture of adventure, fun and thrill all combined into one. Cross rivers, do extreme downhill action on loose gravel and pedal miles of road. This is the kind of ride which would really plaster a sigh of satisfaction on your face.

So back to the story— My friend and I did a level two ride up Antipolo.
We climbed up Sumulong Highway, the most popular mountain pass for people who live in Metro Manila. It was a steady uphill climb, which tested the Ahon skills of any biker. There were pengas, and a lot of laughter and biker observations. The view was great, although the smog was depressing.
We ate breakfast of bacon and eggs, pedaled around town, visited his future house and bought suman for the kids.
suman ng Antipolo
Fast downhill going home, then we hit Marcos highway. I commend Marcos highway for having a bike lane. This greatly improves the situation of bikers there. Too sad it doesn’t continue until Aurora Boulevard.

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