February 22, 2014 Comments Bicycles, Blog Posts

A Fistful of Monkey

To all the Karate Monkey fans out there, Surly brings to us an awesome video presentation of the Monkey.
The iconic steel bike chops through with this video. Rumors buzz that there will be changes to the premier frame design.
Only time can tell.

Gern Blanston posted this in the Surly website. He joked that they’ve been doing this and after 19 years, it is finally done. Gern is the Marketing manager of Surly bikes.
Hats off to Surly.

Kics feb20 2014 (5)
This is Kics now, as of Feb 22, 2014.
Kics is running the PseudoFix look. Coaster hubs, leverless and cordless.
The bike looks clean and unobtrusive due to the lack of wires but I am having trouble still with the coaster hubs. After a few rides, it wiggles and it needs greasing. The center part of the rear hub always shake and it gives off this crazy sound of metal to metal grinding. It doesn’t sound too good but it still rides pretty smoothly.
The knobby tires by Continental is a Vertical Pro model. It is a 26 x 2.35. I am planning to slap in some 27.5s on the monkey.
Also, if the pseudofix still doesn’t work… its gonna be a SS with disc brakes for Kics.
Watch out for other developments, only here in Valleybikes.net.