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March 19, 2014 Comments (0) Bicycles, Blog Posts

3D Bike Customization

The future is now. If you can imagine, we can create. For people who want to upgrade and cannot imagine the end result of their bike, this is the site for you! It even works for your smart phone. There is an IOS version and Android version of this app.
It is now limited to a few brands only, so you would have to squint your eye so just to imagine the color way. but once the bike brands come on board and have this in their armory, it would be a treat for bike builders.
Santa Cruz have something like this in their website, wherein you can choose the color, group set, fork and rear shock. Bow to that. Hope this becomes a standard for all bike companies.
Biking is all about customization and having to choose your components. Biking is all about individuality.
Wake up your inner Picasso, release your mojo… Bike Create!
Want your bike color changed? Hit us up. Leave a message or email Giussef@valleybikes.net

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